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The Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Rayer (CESR) is a scientific society founded by Thierry RAYER in 2018. Its main objective is to make known to the world its discoveries and research work on the element “the knowledge and expertise of the Creation process” which highlights the common origin of the artistic and architectural creation of humanity in order to gather all peoples around this work.
The Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer was created to carry out studies on the heritage of each country with the aim of building a World Heritage Inventory of Humanity. The CESR uses a rigorous scientific method to decipher the art of the period from Antiquity to the Renaissance, in the image of Thierry RAYER’s interpretation of the exceptional work of Constantin Brancusi. Indeed, it is the “Kiss of 1905”, the cornerstone of the master’s work, which has made it possible to highlight a key to reading common to art and architecture.
Thierry RAYER is now the only expert on the work of Constantin Brancusi.

Its president
The Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer is chaired by Thierry RAYER, a French art and history researcher. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the French Society of Egyptology and a member of the International Union of Engineers and Scientists using the French language at UNESCO.
In 2016, Thierry RAYER led a conference on the secrets of Brancusi’s work in Paris before a committee of scientists, art market lawyers and court experts, organized under the high patronage of the French President, François Hollande.

Honorary Presidents
Several personalities share this position within the association:

  • Pr. Béséat Kifflé Sélassié…
  • Pr. Ibrahim Albalawi (Former Ambassador of the Delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO)
  • HEM Rachel Annick Ogoula Akiko Ep. Obiang Meyo (Ambassador of the Delegation of Gabon to UNESCO)
  • HEM Oumar Keita (Ambassador of the Delegation of Mali to UNESCO)
  • HEM Henok Teferra Shawl (Ambassador of Ethiopia to UNESCO)
  • Jean-Paul de Bernis (President of the French Academy of Merit and Dedication)
  • Bernard Sok (President of the Association Culturelle France/China ONU)

The purpose of CESR is to:

  • To decipher the art from Antiquity to the Renaissance through his studies carried out according to the scientific method used for the interpretation of the exceptional work of Constantin Brancusi.
  • To interpret creation using universal methods: science, biology, geometry, mathematics, Egyptology and freemasonry.
  • To transmit the intangible and tangible heritage to humanity, providing a sense of identity and continuity that helps to promote respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.
  • To foster intercultural dialogue among all humankind and to show what unites and does not differentiate cultures.
  • To provide access for all to the knowledge of humanity.
  • To bring all peoples together around Creation in a universal humanistic spirit of peace, love and tolerance.

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Are you intrigued by humanity’s secrets or passionate about History and Art?
Would you like to transmit your knowlegde or assist in interpreting the creations of our most reknowned artists ?
Or are you encouraging peace and unity of mankind, so that the world can become One, enabling love and knowlege to prevail over war and segregation ?
Your participation will be very valuable.

THIERRY RAYER, Permanent President

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