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Universæ Analysis,
The Methodology

Universæ Analysis is a scientific methodology for analyzing and interpreting works of art and architecture, highlighting the connection between cultures throughout the history of Humanity, from Antiquity to the modern period.

This approach mobilizes a broad spectrum of disciplines enclosing both exact sciences such as biology, geometry, and mathematics, to specialized fields of knowledge such as Egyptology, ancient Greek history, ancient Rome, and religious studies,

Universæ Analysis opens up new perspectives for understanding the works of the great masters of painting and sculpture, such as Da Vinci, Raphael, Kandinsky, and Brancusi.

Indeed, Universæ Analysis reveals the rich content of the knowledge that these works have transmitted down the ages. By uncovering this hidden knowledge, Universæ Analysis helps to increase the heritage value of works of art, showing that their importance lies not only in their beauty or technique but also in the connections they create between different eras and cultures.

In this way, it reveals the common origin of all human cultures.


Analyzing and Interpreting artworks


Ensuring the authenticity of art pieces


Enhancing the patrimonial value of art pieces


Reveal art to the world. Lead the way in cultural innovation to transform education and invigorate your cultural tourism.


Optimize your art investments with Universæ Analysis, providing you with deep insights to uncover the true heritage value of artworks.


Innovate and reinvent your exhibitions. By utilizing Universæ Analysis and co-developing its AI, provide your visitors with immersive and unprecedented experiences.


By making a donation, you too can help open up access to art and culture for young people from disadvantaged communities, support cultural transmission and enrich the future through innovations in AI.


Museum applications

The AI Universæ Analysis proposes to transform the museum visit into an enriching experience, revealing the hidden stories and symbols behind each work of art for a deep immersion in their historical and cultural context. At the same time, by joining forces with augmented reality and other interactive technologies, the AI Universæ Analysis will promote immersive experiences that captivate both visually and intellectually.

This synergy between advanced analysis and technological commitment profoundly renews the museum experience, making it more dynamic, educational, and accessible.

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Art & Culture


Technology & Innovation

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