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Explore the world

Are you intrigued by humanity’s secrets or passionate about History and Art?

Would you like to transmit your knowlegde or assist in interpreting the creations of our most reknowned artists ?

Or are you encouraging peace and unity of mankind, so that the world can become One, enabling love and knowlege to prevail over war and segregation ?

Your participation will be very valuable.


THIERRY RAYER, Permanent President

Scientific Research Circle RAYER, was founded in order to study the cultural heritages worldwide and modelise a world cultural heritage inventory of our society corresponding to a methodical discovery, which will enable us to appropriate the initail works of Constantin Brancusi.
Scientific Research Circle,with their rigorous,scientific approach have done tests to decipher artworks from Antiquity to Renaissance, identical to the exceptional creation of Constantin Brancusi, which could have only been done, with his sculpture « The Kiss of 1905 », angular rock and « guardian » of an introductive and majestuous interpretation.
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Universal Beauty

Discover the architectural and cultural artwork of one’s country, its hidden sense and history entailed to each inspired artpiece.

Scientific Research Circle RAYER is an association based on the law 1901,has for objectives :

  • Decipher art from Antiquity to Renaissance, by their analysis with a scientific approach,loyal to Constantin Brancusi’s model

  • Interpret artworks,using universal theories such as science, biology, geometry, mathematics, Egyptology and Freemasonry

  • Promote mankind’s creativity,respect of cultural diversity via transmission of physical and intangible heritages in order to instigate a deep sensation of patriotical identity

  •  Encourage inter-cultural discussions of society, to demonstrate existant similarities

  •  Accessibilty of mankinds’ knowledge to everyone

  • Participation in methodical scientific research to analyse art and architecture of every country, from antiquity to Renaissance, to establish a cultural world heritage of mankind which will correspond to the discovery made


What is expected of you ?